Marty Reynolds

Instrument: Trombone/Tuba

Occupation: SEMO Director of Bands

Number of years playing in the Jackson Municipal Band: 9 years

Personal music history: Attended University of Central Arkansas—Bachelor Music University if Maryland—Master Music, University of Arizona—Doctorate Music

Other hobbies: Woodworking

Why do you play in the Jackson Municipal Band?  I enjoy making music and interacting with the musicians of the JMB.   My entire family either is playing or has played in the JMB at some point.   Wife—April (Horn), sons—Nathan (trombone), Blake (trumpet), Luke (trumpet)

Past Featured Members

Instrument: Clarinet

Occupation:  RN; currently labor and delivery nurse at Southeast Hospital. In the past, worked several years at a rural hospital in Elllington,


Instrument: Clarinet

Occupation: Elementary Music Teacher

Number of years playing in the Jackson Municipal Band: 11 years

Personal music history: I have played in the Jackson bands,


This weeks featured member is Steve Meier. Steve is a trombone player in the Jackson Municipal Band and this will be his 50th year playing with us. He plays in the band because he has a passion for music and being in a group that feels the same way.


Scott Vangilder took over direction of the Jackson Municipal Band in 2010, after long time director Nick Leist retired. Vangilder slid into the position with ease, after playing in the trumpet and percussion section with the group since his high school and college days,


Instrument: Percussion

Occupation: Music Education student studying at SEMO majoring in Percussion/Instrumental Education

Number of years in JMB: 2 years

Personal Musical History: Jackson Band Program (percussion ensemble,